“Art is the only serious thing in the world. And the artist is the only person who is never serious.”

Oscar Wilde

Creative Thought Is The Greatest Asset Of Humanity

Thought leads to action and action translates ideas and thoughts into reality. Technology now allows us to capture thought in its nascent form forever preserved on the blockchain. The idea that there is something beyond a computer screen of pixels with a much more profound and deeper emotional and spiritual meaning can take us on a new journey where rather than being judged for expressing so called childish imagination we are rewarded for it by like minds. 

In a lot of ways, when you think about any form of artistic expression, you’ll find it allows you the ability to dream again without the guilt of being an adult and being forced to grow up. Often the joy of appreciating true art is seeing, sensing and feeling a real part of the artist’s inner soul without quite realising it. Art in many ways is the freedom to say what you want how you want and is a vitally important form of the most pure expression possible.

Pure Thoughts Translated To Real Currency

As NFTs, intellectual and artistic property becomes "coined" into a digital asset that lives on the blockchain as technology evolves but the creative process and emotional intent behind digital art is no less magical, inspiring or passionate than that of our ancestors creating prehistoric cave paintings. Ideas are created and then transferred from thought to then create something real.

Now these "ideas" can become digitally preserved forever on the blockchain, no paper or canvas in sight. If you can think it into existence you can use modern technology to easily translate and store your art and make it happen. A thought becomes something physically present when it is translated into sound, words, art or other physical manifestations.

Meet the Artists

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Creator Punk


I make art with the lights in my head, I see visions when I hear sounds, and colors when I feel textures, I see musical notes and sounds as patterns and visual formations. As a visual artist it's extremely difficult for me to put my thoughts into words, so I try to show them to the world through creating art.

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Black Magic NFTs


I work as a designer and developer for the collective and my job is to make sure that everything on our digital storefront looks as good as it can. I handle everything from the design, to graphics, and even animations. On top of that, I have a side project where I create art every once in a while.

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